Mark Stephen Cagle LPC Dallas - Mindful Life Counseling

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if I can help you.

You’re tired of feeling this way.

You’re tired of the sleepless nights.

You’re tired of feeling so tired.

You don’t want to go on feeling like a shell of who you once were.

I get it. And I can help.

I’m Mark Cagle, a licensed professional counselor, and my passion is helping new and expectant parents conquer their depression and anxiety so they can have happier, healthier relationships and families.

As a husband and father of three very spirited girls, I understand that being a parent is tough sometimes. Mix in some anxiety and depression and you’ve got a powder keg of overwhelm just waiting to explode.

Not every therapist who treats depression has an understanding of postpartum depression. I have completed very specific training that has equipped me with the skills and expertise to effectively treat PPD and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, so you can quickly get back to having a life worth living again.

When we work together, I will help you to identify repetitive negative thoughts that have held you hostage in the cycle of anxiety or depression. You’ll learn ways to manage your stress and anxiety. You’ll be able to handle what life (or your infant) throws at you. You’ll be able to more openly communicate your thoughts and feelings to your partner without fear of rejection, enabling you to enrich and strengthen the bond between you.

Ready to Talk?

Left untreated, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders tend to linger…

sometimes for years after birth. You can start feeling better!

If you're here for the more personal about me stuff...

I was born and raised here in Texas, originally from the Houston/Galveston area. I left there to follow my sweetheart (now wife of ten years) out to Lubbock where I attended Texas Tech.

We moved to the Dallas area after we graduated to be closer to her family. We then welcomed our first wonderful daughter into the world… then a second… and most recently, a third.

No, we aren’t going to “try” for a boy. Yes, we may have another child, but I won’t be disappointed in the slightest if it’s another girl.

In my free time (holds back laughter), I like to play video games or read. I’m a nerd and proud of it!

I love Mexican food and sushi (though probably not at the same time). 

I enjoy spending time with my girls and constantly find myself in awe of how they are changing and growing.

If you're here for the more professional, résumé-type about me details...

I completed my undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University where I majored in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. I then spent some time working in restaurants and in retail before returning to school to complete my Master’s degree.

I graduated from Amberton University with a Master’s in Professional Counseling. I then had the privilege of being a stay-at-home father to my eldest daughter for several months while my wife was still teaching. During this time, I also worked part-time teaching SAT prep. In the following summer, I began working at a local mental health hospital.

I completed the remainder of my internship at a local crisis center where I developed skills in crisis management and suicide risk evaluation. I am a certified crisis worker through the American Association of Suicidology.

I now have the honor and privilege of walking daily with new moms and dads on their journeys into parenthood. My passion is to build healthy, happy families- one client (or couple) at a time.

I am a licensed professional counselor here in the state of Texas- #71799.

I am also a member of Postpartum Support International and an advocate for prenatal and postnatal mental health care. I also work to increase awareness and understanding about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, specifically in regard to their effect on men.

I have received extensive training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy as well as Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. It is through the incorporation of these two modalities that I help my clients identify, adjust, and overcome their negative thoughts and behaviors.