Affair Recovery Intensives

Because you don't have 10 weeks to figure this out

Have you discovered that your partner has been unfaithful?

You never thought you’d be here.¬† You never thought this could happen to you, to your marriage.

But here you are- with so many questions, your head is spinning. You’re filled with so many contradictory emotions and thoughts.

You never knew that you could love and hate someone so much at the same time. You long to be close to your partner but are repulsed by them.

You’re not sure if you can ever trust them again.


An Affair Recovery Intensive Can:

Address ambivalence about staying together

Whether you are the deceived or the unfaithful partner, you likely have been questioning whether you want to continue your relationship. Together, you and your partner will determine if you want to rebuild your relationship.

Help you gain understanding of the affair

Recovering from an affair requires identifying both what the affair did to the deceived partner as well as what it meant for the unfaithful partner. Only by understanding both sides of infidelity can a couple revitatlize their relationship.

Teach you how to begin to rebuild trust

How do you rebuild trust after infidelity? What does it mean to trust your partner again? Trust requires risk, and risk is scary when you’ve been hurt.

Lay the foundation for a renewed relationship

Infidelity can be the catalyst for immense change and growth. Couples have said that after affair recovery, their relationship has never been better.

How Do I know If an Affair Recovery Intensive  is Right For Me?

There are many choices when it comes to affair recovery- weekly couples therapy and marriage retreats are among them.

Finding the right fit for you and your situation is imperative.

You want to make changes now.
Being in crisis is exhausting. You want clarity and insight as soon as possible, not in 10-12 weeks from now.

Couples have said that a 6 hour intensive is the equivalent of 6 months of therapy. Without the stopping and starting of many sessions over many weeks, you’ll see changes faster.

You're feeling stuck with ongoing couples therapy.
An Affair Recovery Intensive can be used in conjunction with ongoing couples therapy.

I can work with your therapist to integrate the insight gained during the intensive to propel your work with them forward.

You can't take 2 hours off work every week.
With ongoing couples counseling, you have to commit to leaving work each week or finding a babysitter. Not only can it be more effective, but many couples find intensives are much easier to schedule.
A marriage retreat seems too impersonal.
Marriage retreats are often structured with many other couples. Intensives provide a more personalized experience and the content is catered to each couple’s unique needs.
You're concerned about confidentiality.
Privacy is a common concern of those seeking therapy, especially as it relates to intimate details of their relationship.

I uphold the highest standards of confidentiality of my clients. All records are stored electronically on a HIPAA-compliant server.

Hi, I’m Mark Cagle

I am an affair recovery specialist here in Dallas, TX. I’ll help you ask the right questions to help you heal and move forward- whether together or apart.

Sometimes, an affair is the death knell of a relationship already dead on the vine. Other times it can be a wake up call in a relationship that has grown complacent.

Affairs can be a wonderful, though painful, opportunity to discover unmet needs and desires. It can be a chance to explore and grow in ways never before possible.

After An Affair

In my experience, there are three outcomes after an affair:


Though a much smaller number than most people think, about a third of relationships will not survive the revelation of an affair.

These are typically relationships that weren’t very healthy to begin with. Without a solid foundation, it’s hard to recover.


These are relationships that continue often not for the sake of love for each partner but out of a sense of duty or responsibility.

These couples stay together “for the children” or because they made a promise of “til death do us part.”

They move on but are no less vulnerable than before.


The explorers are those that take the affair as an opportunity to learn about themselves and their partner.

They then incorporate this new information into their relationship- reshaping and revitalizing it.

They develop an understanding of the affair that evolves their relationship to a new level.

How Will the Affair Redefine Your Relationship?

Not every couple is capable of achieving the third result.

But to stand the best chance, you need a guide.

Check out the packages below to determine if an intensive is right for you.

4 Hour Intensive

4 hours of intensive couples therapy.


4 Hour Intensive+

4 hours of intensive couples therapy plus one 2-hour followup session ($300 value) to be scheduled within one calendar year of intensive.


6 Hour Intensive

6 hours of intensive couples therapy. Morning and afternoon sessions available with an optional one hour break for lunch or dinner (not provided).


6 Hour Intensive+

6 hours of intensive couples therapy plus two 2-hour followup sessions ($600 value) to be scheduled within one calendar year of intensive.


All intensives include a 30-minute phone interview with each partner (to ensure that an intensive is appropriate) as well as an assessment of strengths and challenges to be completed electronically by each partner prior to intensive.

*Some light snacks, coffee, and water are provided.

**Currently only available to residents of Texas.

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