You feel hurt and confused, uncertain this pain will ever go away.


There is hope for your relationship.

Your Relationship isn't the Problem

Too many therapists believe that an affair is a symptom of a troubled relationship, but this isn’t always true.

Your Partner isn't the Problem

If it’s not a troubled relationship, it must mean there’s something wrong with the person… again, not necessarily true.

The Affair is the Problem

The truth is that you can’t repair a relationship without addressing the actual problem… the affair.

Hello! I’m Mark

Licensed Professional Counselor and Affair Recovery Specialist

I know that you have a lot of mixed emotions and are not only uncertain of the future of your relationship but also questioning its past. 

There’s no mistaking it- affairs redefine relationships, but the legacy of the affair is up to you to write. I can help.

Getting Started is Easy

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My Approach

Unlike most therapists who only say they work with couples, it’s my passion. I know that working with a couple isn’t the same as working with two individuals- it’s much more complicated (and for me, much more rewarding).

I don’t use “text-based” therapy. Therapy with me is custom-tailored to suit each couple. 

Working through infidelity means acknowledging the pain that has been caused without dwelling on it; it means discovering the meaning of the affair for each person involved; we then move from understanding to integrating and rebuilding.

Affairs offer an opportunity to truly redefine a relationship. What story will you tell?

Don't Live With the Pain of Unanswered Questions!

Reclaim Your Life and Your Relationship Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can therapy help us?

The short answer: yes. Therapy can help you process the pain and begin to heal from the hurt of infidelity. Can every couple be “saved?” No. Sometimes, I help couples determine that the most helpful action to take is to separate.

How long does therapy take?

Most couples I work with say they start to feel better within a few weeks. My job is to help you meet your goals as quickly as possible. For most couples, therapy lasts about 3-4 months with 90-minute sessions held weekly.

Can we recovery from infidelity without therapy?

It’s certainly not impossible, and many couples have done so without the help of a therapist. However, the couples that I work with are seeking to get to the core of their issues and start rebuilding their relationship sooner rather than later.

How much does therapy cost? Is it expensive?

Whether or not something is expensive is a matter of the value you get out of it. Three months of therapy will cost about $3,000. A divorce, on the other hand, will run about $15,000, and that doesn’t include the emotional pain of those involved. Worth it? I think so.

Will it be covered by my insurance?

Some policies do cover couples therapy. You’ll want to call your insurance company and ask them directly. You also want to find out if you have an out-of-network benefit as I am not “on panel” with any insurance companies at this time.

How do I pay for therapy?

Simply put, you pay at the end of each session. You can also store your credit card information in the secure client portal which allows me to charge you without having to take your card each session.

Wait! I have more questions…

Great. I’d love to chat. You can schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation below.

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