Anxiety Treatment

[su_heading]Are You Tired of Living Your Life in Fear?[/su_heading]
Do you wake up in the morning with a sense of dread- a feeling as though the day to come is going to be more than you can bear? Do you find yourself spending so much time worrying that you have little energy for anything else? Does the fear of failure or rejection keep you from doing the things that you desire to do? Perhaps you feel so frightened by the thought of saying something stupid that you say nothing at all. Maybe you lie awake at night thinking about all the terrible things that could happen.

Living with anxiety can be an exhausting, debilitating, and isolating experience. Whether it is a sense of fear about something specific or simply in general, anxiety can take its toll on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Anxiety can cause your thoughts to fall into a constant “What If?” game, leading you down the rabbit hole into an abyss of despair and desperation. Having anxiety can often feel like your internal spring is wound a bit too tightly, that your ready to snap at the drop of a hat.

Living life on the edge, in a constant state of fight or flight, can only be sustained for so long before it begins to wear down a person’s resolve and willpower. It can leave one feeling completely out of control of their surroundings, their thoughts, and even their own bodies.
[su_heading]Anxiety is More Common Than You Think[/su_heading]
In a culture where we are constantly pushing the boundaries and limitations of our own minds and bodies, it becomes the norm to seek and expect perfection. Anxiety is a growing problem among every age group but none seem to be effects more than teens and young adults. As many as 1 in 4 teens and 1 in 5 adults are negatively effected by anxiety. Feeling overstressed, overworked, and overtired seems to be more and more the norm in our society. It doesn’t have to be.

While everyone experiences anxiety from time to time- before a major interview, riding a roller coaster, or giving a presentation, it is much more than that for many people. A little anxiety has actually been shown to improve memory, hone focus, and improve reaction times. For many people, the anxiety becomes heightened to a level that keeps them from feeling good and engaging in life in a meaningful way. If you are experiencing uncontrollable worry or panic attacks, anxiety treatment using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness-Based approaches can help.
[su_heading]Anxiety Treatment Can Help You to Put the Control of Your Life Back
Into Your Capable Hands. You Can Do This, and Treatment Can Help[/su_heading]
You are more than your thoughts.

Even if you have anxiety-provoking thoughts, you can learn to control how you react to them. Anxiety treatment is not about controlling the thoughts, it’s about taking the control back from them that they have over us. Some of these thoughts may have helped to keep you safe in the past but are now preventing you from feeling safe and secure in the present. By noticing the thoughts that trigger your anxiety, we will develop new ways to respond to them or discover how to let them go entirely.

You are not your anxiety.

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