Love Affair Recovery in Dallas

What is a Love Affair?

A love affair is often the culmination of an emotional affair that becomes physical. Those caught in them often say that they love both partners and cannot choose.

They are the most detrimental to the primary relationship and must be dealt with with expert care.

Can a marriage survive a love affair?

The short answer is yes, most definitely. It is possible to survive infidelity in all its forms.

A love affair, however, is the most difficult to navigate as there is high emotional pain for all parties involved.

Most therapists miss the mark

The advice given by most therapists is an immediate cease and desist- cut off all contact with the “other” and never speak to or of them again.

It’s like telling your teenage daughter that she can’t date a certain boy… the attraction only grows.

Love affairs require closure.

I know as the hurting partner, that’s hard to stomach, but it’s true. The fact that most therapists won’t say it is detrimental to the recovery process.

If you hope to save your marriage, this is a necessary step.

The coup de grâce for most marriages

A love affair often spells disaster in a marriage. The lies and deception often cut too deeply to repair.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

Your house has been burnt to the ground, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rebuild.

There is hope for your relationship.

I can help.

How can Affair Recovery help?

Affair recovery can help you to overcome the hurt and heartache of infidelity and reestablish the love and connection in your relationship with your partner.

Not only is healing possible, but you can have an even better relationship with your partner after affair recovery.

How is Affair Recovery Different from

typical Marriage counseling?

Most marriage therapists try to have the couple acknowledge the hurt of the infidelity then move on.

They work on things like communication skills and teaching the couple to “fight better.”

They completely miss the potential for relationship evolution that is brought about by diving deep into the infidelity itself.

An Affair can Improve your relationship

While I’m not advocating for people to have affairs in an effort to improve their relationships, once the affair has already happened there is much to be learned from it.

An affair can be the catalyst that brings a couple closer than they have ever been.

If you want to improve your communication, call another therapist.

If you’re ready to start a new life together, schedule your first session today.

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