Now that may sound like a rather dim prophecy. Allow me to explain what I mean. We so often get caught in the never-ending cycle of seeking that “next best thing.”

We tell ourselves that if we can just buy/have/achieve/be more then we will finally be happy. The clouds will part, a chorus of angels will sing, and we will finally be complete.

The truth is that it’s never going to happen. If you are relying on the future to bring you happiness, you are going to be disappointed.

Sure, there are things in our lives which will bring a temporary boost to our joy and satisfaction, but we will inevitably return to the same level of happiness we were before.

In reality, the more we buy or achieve, the more our discontentment and desire for more grows.

We often think that if we finally:

  • Buy a house
  • Get a promotion
  • Go on vacation
  • Lose weight
  • Meet Mr/Mrs Right

that we will finally feel fulfilled.

Let’s take a moment to think about this. You’ve had this thought before. We all have. There was some big milestone that you were looking forward to that you just knew would bring you happiness, finally. What happened when you got there? How long did that feeling last before you once again had that yearning in your gut for something more? A year maybe? A month? A week? A day?

No matter how long that feeling lasted, the fact remains that it eventually subsided. It became a distant memory as you once again set your eyes on the future.

Many of us have been caught in this endless loop of striving. Gotta be more. Gotta do more. Gotta have more. When will more ever be enough? Never.

Now there may be some among you who think you’ve broken this cycle. Maybe you’ve come to realize that your future is never going to be as good as “the good ol’ days.” You reminisce about how things used to be and wish you could return there.

That longing is just as, if not more, futile than those hoping the future will solve all their problems.

My point is that if you truly want to be happy, you have to live in the present.

What if we could just stop for a moment and find absolute contentment in the present moment?

Life is a series of moments strung together to create our existence. The only thing that we truly have is what we have right now.

The cold, harsh reality is that if you live your life waiting for the perfect moment, you’ll die before it ever arrives.

Every moment that we have, each breath that we take, is truly the perfect moment. You’re living it- right now.

Life is going on now. Don’t miss out! Don’t underestimate the potential for joy in the present moment.


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