Affair Recovery In Dallas

Reconnecting Couples After Infidelity

Marriage Counseling in Dallas to Overcome Infidelity

You have never felt so devastated in your life… and you’ve been through some shit.

The rollercoaster of emotions has been so intense. The ups and downs, twists and turns. You feel torn and torn asunder. Your gut is telling you to RUNYou’ve never felt so confused and uncertain. Should I stay or should I go? Should I run away or turn and fight? Is it too late for marriage counseling?

Before D-Day, you may have had your suspicions, maybe a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. You found yourself growing more concerned, more suspicious as the hours ticked by. It was the way your partner seemed to hide their phone from you. It was how they suddenly had to step out of the room when it rang. Maybe they started suddenly having to stay at work later than normal. 

Or maybe there wasn’t anything in particular, but over time your intuition was screaming that something was wrong. You weren’t sure, but something seemed offYou told yourself that you were just being paranoid. You reassured yourself that your partner wouldn’t betray you. But the feeling persisted.

Then you found it. The evidence that confirmed your suspicion, your deepest fearsBOOM. Your entire world came crashing down. You felt crushed, shocked. You wondered, “how could I not have known?” “how could I have been so stupid?”

You’ve never felt anything like this before. You never knew that you could endure so much pain… and you’re still not sure if you can. Now you’re left sifting through the rubble, trying to pick up the pieces of a broken marriage.

But how can you help rebuild what your partner alone destroyed?

Maybe your relationship wasn’t ideal. Maybe you even suggested going to couples counseling. And sure, over time the romance faded and with it your sex life. Shit happens. Life happens. Even the best marriages go through tough times. 

But even miserable marriages don’t cause infidelity. After all, you were there, and you were faithful.

Or maybe you believed that you and your partner had it figured out, that the two of you had broken the code on successful and fulfilling marriage. Only to find out that even your marriage wasn’t “affair-proof.” No matter the circumstances, I want you to know that the affair was not your fault.

The affair was a choice; it was your partner’s choice.

You’ve lost so much already. You feel like your entire relationship was a lie. You wonder if your relationship is doomed. There is so much anger and disgust. Part of you wants to just focus on yourself and start again with someone else- a clean slate.

And yet, part of you wants to fight. There are so many precious memories, so many loving feelings. You wonder if your relationship can rise from the ashes, stronger than before.

The feelings that you have about your partner’s infidelity are normal.

You want your partner to understand the pain they have caused you, to be held accountable. You’re not sure how, but you want to see them try to make it right. You need your partner to understand your emotions, see the effect the affair has had on you and be able to comfort and hold you in your pain- not shy away from it and hide in their own shame. You want them to understand that no matter how long it may be since the discovery, that you may still have bad days. Days when the thoughts come flooding back.

If they can stand with you, then the bad days will pass just as quickly as they came.

Just as you had to suddenly learn to live with the heavy and unexpected weight of what happened, your partner has to learn how to help you shoulder that weight. I can’t say that it will be easy. In fact, it may be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done.

There may still be times when every fiber of your being is screaming, “RUN!

How can marriage counseling help?

When I work with couples facing the devastation of an affair, it’s important that we act quickly.

It’s a difficult time, and you need relief yesterdayYou’re not yet sure if your marriage will survive, and you’d like to find out sooner rather than later.

The good news is that couples counseling can help. The three of us will work together to figure this whole mess out.

It may seem difficult to impossible now, but affair recovery is possible.

I can help. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation today.