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Online Marriage Counseling in Dallas and Throughout Texas

You know that your relationship could benefit from expert marriage counseling, but you don’t know when you’d have time. Between taking time off from work and arranging a babysitter for the little ones, therapy doesn’t seem accessible. Not to mention that driving in Dallas can be an anxiety-inducing experience all on it’s own. (There’s ALWAYS an accident on 635…) 

Or maybe you’re nowhere close to Dallas and have limited options for a marriage counseling specialist.

What if your commute for therapy involved a short walk from your kitchen to your dining room table?

Imagine if all you had to do to access top-notch marriage counseling was to close your office door and indicate that you’re in a meeting. Through a service similar to Skype, it’s possible.

Effective marriage counseling is now just a click away.

How exactly does online marriage counseling work?

Whether you’re planning to do a mix of in-person and online sessions or simply work with me online, it all starts by scheduling your free 30-minute consultation.

During that time, we will talk about your goals for marriage counseling and discuss whether meeting online is right for you and your partner.

Once we’ve determined that we are a great fit to work together, we’ll schedule your first appointment- a 2 hour intake. I’ll walk you through the process of getting started prior to the appointment and answer any questions you might have. Honestly, if you’re pretty comfortable with technology, the transition to online marriage counseling is easy.

Is online marriage counseling as effective as in-person?

When I first offered online marriage counseling, I was skeptical that it would have the same effects as face-to-face sessions. I was concerned that it would seem impersonal and disconnected.

Fortunately, I was wrong. What I found was oftentimes it was even easier for clients to settle into therapy because they were in the comfort of their own homes. They weren’t frazzled by having to set aside time for the commute to and from my office.

Instead, they were able to focus their time and attention on the work we were doing together.

Research has shown that online therapy is just as effective as meeting in person. Granted, most of the research has focused on individual therapy, so the research on online marriage counseling is still in the works, but the results appear just as promising.

Based on my personal observations, online marriage counseling is just as effective for my clients, and I have a pretty mixed practice- both online and in person.

Do you offer Skype Marriage Counseling or FaceTime for sessions?

The service that I use to provide online marriage counseling is similar to Skype. One key difference is that it’s encrypted and secure (HIPAA compliant). Once we have decided that we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll email you a link to your secure client portal.

There you’ll complete your intake paperwork as well as have access to a link to your virtual waiting room. You’ll also receive the link in an email 24 hours in advance of your appointment when you opt in for email reminders. At the time of your session, you simply click on the link to connect directly with me. You can even join from your smartphone; just download the app the first time, and you’re all set.

Do my partner and I have to be in the same place to receive online marriage counseling?

No. I have a lot of clients who travel for business or leisure. One of the benefits of online marriage counseling is that you can connect with me from virtually anywhere. (See what I did there?)

It gets a bit messy when you’re crossing state lines, but as long as you’re in the state of Texas I can provide services to you. Certain states are pickier than others when it comes to providing services, so I’ll have to check out the laws in that state if you’re wanting to receive marriage counseling while there.

I also have the option of working with clients internationally as most other countries don’t have any restrictions on online therapy.

What if our power or internet go out unexpectedly?

Living in north Texas, this isn’t something that’s just plausible, it’s probable. When my clients have had issues maintaining a stable connection, we have switched to telephonic sessions. Though I personally prefer video to voice, having a session over the phone can be helpful in a pinch.

In general, here are a few things that you can do to establish the best possible connection for online marriage counseling:

  1. If possible, use a webcam enabled desktop or laptop connected through a hard line (not wifi).
  2. If you’re using wifi, it may be helpful to be closer to the router for a stronger signal.
  3. Close all of your open tabs in your browser as they may be utilizing network resources.
  4. Close all unnecessary applications and programs as well.

Is online marriage counseling covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans do not cover marriage counseling. Many insurance plans do not cover online therapy.

To check to see if you are eligible for reimbursement (as I am out-of-network), call your insurance company directly. Ask them if your policy covers marriage counseling as well as online therapy. You’ll also want to ask if you have out-of-network benefits and whether you have a deductible that needs to be met.

To find out more about my fees and insurance, click here.

How much does online marriage counseling cost?

 The investment for online marriage counseling is the same as coming into my office. You’re paying for my time, not for how we communicate.

I have some couples who will occasionally come in person even while completing a majority of their sessions online. I’m in my office either way, so it makes no difference to me.

What many of my clients have found is that getting marriage help online actually saves them money versus traditional face-to-face marriage counseling. After all, they only have to have childcare for the time they’re in session, and those that work outside the home also have to take less time away from the office.

Each couple starts with a 2 hour intake which is $375. We then typically meet weekly for 90 minutes, and those sessions are $270.

Numbers without context are often not very helpful, so feel free to click here to learn more about my fees and what you’re getting in return.

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