Counselor + Dad = Counselor for Dads

From Super Sad to Super Dad

At Mindful Life Counseling, I understand that having a baby is great… until it’s not.

You may be feeling overwhelmed.

You have become plagued by worriesome thoughts or even dread.

You may be feeling disconnected from your partner and your new baby. You’re not bonding like you thought you would.

You haven’t been taking care of yourself like you should either… maybe even packed on a few extra pounds.

Everyone is so focused on Mommy and baby that you’re feeling left out.

Your partner may even have pointed out that you’re more irritable and on edge lately.

And sleep? Forget about it. Even when the baby is sleeping soundly, you can’t relax.

If this sounds familiar, Counseling for Dads can help.


Hi, I’m Mark.


As a counselor and a father of three, I understand the challenges that becoming a father can bring.

That’s why I offer counseling services for new and expectant fathers in Dallas, TX.

If you’ve been thinking that this fatherhood thing is a lot harder than you thought it would be, contact me.