By now, you have probably heard about meditation. It seems to have become a popular buzz word in the media. And there are some BIG names- like Hugh Jackman, Derek Jeter, Oprah, Katy Perry, Jerry Seinfeld, Kobe Bryant, Sting, not to mention the countless CEOs and corporate execs- who have spoken about the benefits of their own meditation practices.

Why do they do it?

1. Stress

Whether you are a CEO or a single dad, we all have stress, and meditation has been proven to be helpful to reduce the impact that stress has on our minds and our bodies. Healthier minds and bodies means healthier connections with ourselves and others.

2. Relaxation

Once we can deal with stress more effectively, it enables our minds and our bodies to relax. Various methods of meditation actually raise our awareness of the tension that we are holding in our bodies- most frequently in our shoulders, neck, and back then helps us to learn to let go.

3. Focus

Mindfulness meditation helps us to clarify our goals and desires then make meaningful steps toward achieving those goals. We deal in a world of constant clutter and distraction, regular practice of meditation can help to laser focus our attention and prevent us from wasting our time in distraction.

4. Increase Awareness and Meaning

No matter how successful one is, there is little we can do to really increase our time. There are only so many hours in the day after all. Mindfulness increases our attention on the current moment, the current experience. Think of it as savoring your time as you would a scrumptious dessert- getting the most out of each breath and each beautiful moment.

If more people practiced meditation on a regular basis, it would change the world. It has changed mine. If you are interested in learning more about the life changing power of meditation and how it can improve your health, wealth, and happiness, give me a call.