I met a young man the other day who told me that Halloween really freaked him out. He wasn’t talking about the chill that we often get when someone jumps out from the shadows and yells, “Boo!”

He meant that the thought of people wandering the streets late at night and hearing sudden shouts and unexplained noises really terrified him.

He explained that he began to experience anxiety as a teenager and, after more than ten years without treatment, it had grown into something unmanageable- something that for him was truly horrifying.

He told me that he did not like even being awake after the sun had set, but his anxious heart often kept him up, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.

While his anxiety was severe, the thing that scared him the most was admitting to it and talking about it openly.

This young man believed that if he were to admit to someone he had a problem it would somehow mean he was weak… flawed.

As men, we are often sent the message that to show our fear (or any emotion other than anger) is a sign of weakness.


Sitting down with this young man, I told him that to struggle with his emotions and wrestle with his anxiety didn’t make him weak… it made him human.

The relief he seemed to experience over the course of our brief conversation was almost palpable.

I led him through a few different mindfulness and breathing techniques, told him to put on some headphones if the noise became unbearable, and assured him that he would make it through the night.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working with him to improve his focus and attention and help him discover how his body has come to respond to uncertainty. We will discover ways to manage and confront his anxiety and fears. I will humbly walk with him on his path to wellness.

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